Documents of the Programme

pdf document   Parliamentary decision - Making Things Better for our Children

pdf document   National Programme to Combat Child Poverty - Summary

pdf document   Summary of the Model Project in the micro-region of Szécsény

pdf document   "Making Things Better for our Children" - "Give Kids a Chance" Programme of Szécsény

Background documents

pdf document   TÁRKI: Child well-being in the European Union - Budapest, May 2011

pdf document   A Multidimensional Approach to Measuring Child Poverty - February 2011, UNICEF Policy and Practice

pdf document   Tackling child poverty and promoting social inclusion of children (Darvas-Tausz on behalf of EC)

pdf document   The child care transition - UNICEF jelentés

pdf document   Emily Dugan: Depth of child poverty in Britain

Documents of related foreign programs

pdf document   CEC: Towards an EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child

pdf document   Eurochild - 2007

pdf document   FEANTSA: Child Homelessness - 2007

pdf document   Hounslow Children and Young People's Plan 2007-2010

pdf document   JR Foudation and NP Institute: Monitoring poverty and social exclusion 2007

pdf document   Lisa Harker: Delivering on child Powerty

pdf document   OSI: Comparing Romanian Policies on Employment: Lessons for the Roma Decade - 2005

pdf document   PES: Active Society forum

pdf document   PES: EU dimension forum

pdf document   PES: Inclusive Society forum

pdf document   Self-Productivity and Complementarities in Human Development: Evidence from the Mannheim Study of Children at Risk

pdf document   UNICEF: An overview of child well-being in rich countries - 2007

pdf document   A Social Portrait of Children in Ireland

pdf document   Children in focus - a Manual for Participatory Research with Children

pdf document   Building a Culture of Participation - Research Report

pdf document   Children Participating in Research, Monitoring And Evaluation (M&E) - Ethics and Your Responsibilities as a Manager